Calmify – Calm the daily chaos & create better connections

Calm the daily chaos

& create better connections

Mindfulness sessions for you

Calmify blends the power of mindfulness with proven techniques that drive positive change – whether for leaders and teams in businesses, or on a personal level.

  • If you’re looking to:
  • reduce anxiety
  • prevent burnout
  • form better relationships
  • or simply find the moments of calm in your busy life

Mindful change can help you get to where you need to be, so you feel more connected to yourself (and your own needs) and those around you.

“I’ll help you find the calm in your busy mind and life, enhance connection with yourself and others, and create clarity, so you can make the best choices, and live more vibrantly”

Mindfulness sessions for Business

Perhaps you’re a business looking to improve connection across your team of hybrid workers, support their wellbeing and lead them to greater things?

As a Mindful Change Coach with years of experience, I’ll work with your business to build more inclusive teams, help leaders to better lead, reduce stress, increase motivation, and keep people in your business for longer.

Why connection?

It’s what gives us purpose and meaning. We believe mindful connection is the key to being present, freeing yourself from labels and feeling less alone.

“We’ll help you to be the best version of yourself so you can have better relationships with the people in your life and work and be prepared to tackle whatever life brings.”

Mindfulness workshops

Free your mind, and the rest will follow…

Unique workshops, events and retreats incorporating a blend of meditation, music, mindfulness and social connection – all designed to bring clarity.

It’s not just about sitting still and emptying your mind, we use so many unique and wonderful ways to bring mindfulness and connection into your life, laughter being just one of them.

With tailored sessions, you can book your own mindfulness guide to suit your specific needs. Sometimes it’s about being social, sometimes it’s about connection with yourself. Where’s your gap?

“Connection is what gives us purpose and meaning. We believe mindful connection is the key to being present, freeing yourself from judgement and feeling less alone.”




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