Our who and why

Meet Kareen – Mindfulness teacher, speaker, advocate of mental health, music lover & mindful DJ.

“I created Calmify because I’ve seen first-hand the power that mindfulness can have. It’s changed me and made my life a whole lot more vibrant following my own personal struggles with anxiety and the stigma of mental health.

My techniques are a little special and always generate a fantastic response. From mindful music to socialising, connecting and introducing the calm in the everyday chaos. The tools I use have proven to be effective both across the corporate world and on a personal level.

Practising mindfulness can help you find joy in the everyday, live fuller, happier and more connected lives and be the mum, friend, partner, colleague, or person… that you want to be.”


What makes us who we are

We believe in the power of mindfulness

We use mindful techniques to bring calm, help you stay curious and present, be open to change and more empowered to set healthy boundaries make better choices for yourself and the world around you. With mindful movement, conversations and connection, we believe simple changes (and focus) can do so much.

We believe there’s a better way to be

We know that life can feel out of control, like you’re juggling too many things, isolated or disconnected from your own thoughts and from those around you. We can provide you with simple tools and techniques to help you take control of your life in a calm way, reducing stress and anxiety and putting more freedom and productivity into the every day.

We believe in finding the calm in the daily chaos

We believe mindful techniques will help you cut through the noise, stop the treadmill and reduce the overwhelm brought on by the busyness of everyday life. Slow down, become more conscious, connected, calm, and feel the difference. Let go of triggers, prioritise better, listen, engage on a deeper level, be more fulfilled.

We believe in the value of connection

Connection is what gives us purpose and meaning. We believe mindful connection is the key to being present, freeing yourself from judgement and feeling less alone. We’ll help you to be the best version of yourself so you can have better relationships with the people in your life and be more accepting of yourself and what life brings. At work, we’ll help to build more inclusive and connected teams.