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Mind your self

‘The mind is the source of happiness (and unhappiness)

6 Week Sessions

Mindfulness for busy people

  • 1-2-1
  • 6 Sessions

(in person or on a video call)

Are you ready to change the way you feel, get off the treadmill, reconnect with yourself, stop the judgement and feel freer? Mindfulness can bring you this and so much more.

This all-encompassing Calmify programme is packed with the tools to equip you with leading a more present and connected life. With tips and exercises to immerse you into the world of mindfulness, you can ask questions, demystify the practice and explore real practical ways to be more in control of your decisions and live a better everyday life.

Whether you’ve got a busy mind, children that challenge your patience, or you’re feeling a little out of control, disconnected or anxious – this is the perfect way to get reconnected. Learn what mindfulness is and see what it can do for you.




Journey back to myself…
Mindfulness is a life skill and the 8 week calmify course is a great process for anyone on the path of self discovery and personal development.
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Mindfulness in a new & accessible way…
The experience and journey of mindfulness with Kareen was life-changing for me. Every week we covered topics that made me look at mindfulness in a new and accessible way.

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Stop & take notice…
Mindfulness; I wasn’t really sure what to expect, if I would find it useful or if it was something which I could make work for me. I was pleasantly surprised.

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