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Modern & fun approach to mindfulness…
“Kareen kicked off the Stylist Restival with her modern and fun approach to mindfulness and managed to set the scene for the day and the mood of the audience perfectly.

She is a true professional to work with and one of the most engaging and fun speakers I have ever had the pleasure to experience.” – Sophie


Take a moment to focus…
“Kareen led an online group of 150 people to a calm, restful close after a successful but somewhat frantic virtual Away Day.

Most people were familiar with the concept of mindfulness, but very few said they practice mindfulness regularly, if at all.

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Much calmer…
I had already been on a Mindfulness programme before so I already knew some of the benefits of mindfulness.

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Enjoyment in the everyday…
Kareen (Calmify) has taught me how to connect my head with my body, rather than live life in my head alone, which I have been doing for such a long time, like most of us.

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I could feel the difference…
I’d done some mindfulness before, at yoga class and using apps, but I found Kareen’s approach really changed my relationship with it as a practice.

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Breath of fresh air…
Kareen’s mindlfulness course was a real breath of fresh air, setting aside an hour a week made such a difference to my week and essentially how I see and do life.

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Calm among the chaos…
Being a yoga teacher I was familiar with the concept of mindfulness, but it wasn’t something I knew much about nor incorporated into my day-to-day life.

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It opened my eyes…
Honestly, I wasn’t sure how this was going to impact my life. I knew it would be fun to do, I knew I would enjoy some me time.

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Comfortable & connected…
Kareen’s passion throughout the delivery of the course is easy to see and she has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and connected.

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Give it a whirl…
My previous mindfulness experiences were mainly work related and linked to focus and productivity. Kareen’s programme I attended was much more person centered.

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Buddying Up

Good friends Nathan and Mick decided to buddy up and take part in a joint Mindfulness programme together.
Mindfulness sessions with a friend can be a lot of fun as well as a way of bringing you closer. Plus, you can continue practising mindfulness techniques together, after the course has finished.

If you’d be interested in one of Kareens Mindfulness courses on your own, with a friend or as part of a group get in touch.



Kinder to myself…
I wanted to do a mindfulness course with Kareen in order to focus on being less judgemental and kinder to myself.

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Find that peace…
So … I was really keen to do the course as I suffer from anxiety and wanted some tools to try and take things down a notch and find calm and relax.

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