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Mindful change for stronger teams

There’s clarity in connection

Could your teams be more inclusive? Is hybrid working driving a gap in trust, collaboration and teamwork?

Calmify provides exclusive mindfulness sessions, workshops and events, to tackle the challenges faced by so many businesses today.

We can help to:

  • Create more inclusive teams
  • Increase productivity, engagement, resilience, motivation, morale and positive wellbeing
  • Build more connected teams who have better, more open conversations
  • Create more compassionate and mindful leaders across the business
  • Instil better trust across the organisation and with each other
  • Ensure less conflict and impulsive judgements are made
  • Drive a better culture – in line with your company values
  • Enhance creativity and innovative thinking
  • Decrease stress!

From light touch to deep dive programmes, we’ll tailor our sessions to suit your specific needs. You can grow your own way.

Choose a sessions that fits you from the options below

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All Calmify mindfulness sessions can be held in person or via video conferencing.

Sessions 15-30 Minutes

Calmify Kick-Off
Kick off your meetings with an introduction for your team meeting or corporate event. including calming focus techniques to help get your people in the right mindset for the event ahead.

Calmify Cool Down
End your event/team away days with a reflective session to help your people to calm down, reflect and process the information from your event or wellbeing events.

Mindful DJ Set
Explore mindfulness and music with a live DJ session for team meetings, away days or corporate retreat. This session highlights the importance of listening, conducted over music in a fun, vibrant or calm way.

Workshops 1 Hour-1 Day

New to Mindfulness
Introduce your people to the principles of mindfulness, giving them techniques to use in their day to day lives. Suitable for all teams and individuals.

Mindful Communication
Improve your listening skills and use these skills to improve communication with others. A great session to help facillitate difficult or uncomfortable conversations in the workplace.

Break the Bias
An enlightening workshop which explores how bias and judgements present themselves. An impactful session that supports DEI including practical techniques you can take away.

Bespoke Workshop
Explore how mindfulness can provide support to managers and leaders for specific business challenges such for example:

  • ERG (employee resource groups)
  • DEI (Diversity, equity & inclusion)
  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Employee Experience
  • Helping employees back to work
  • Change programmes
  • Team/leadership away days

Programmes 6-8 Weeks

Thrive Together
An in-depth, transformational programme, for individuals or as a group. Helping you all to learn how to connect and become a more successful team together. Embedding this into your company culture for long term results.

Breaking the Bias

I think the most beneficial part was learning new techniques which benefit not only myself, but how I interact with others. It’s all very well to read, learn, listen and work on my judgements of others (and my inner biases), but actually having simple mindful techniques brings it all together. Because how we interact with each other starts within?

Kareen was very open and skilled at showing us how to notice the thoughts, and to nourish non-judgement of ourselves and others.

Also a reminder that it is *practice*, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and to notice and accept what’s happening.

It was a unique way to learn more about how my biases work, and with simple everyday tools. And having not done mindfulness in a group before, Kareen facilitated it beautifully and it felt really supportive. I’m looking forward to joining more sessions!

– Kazz Hollick