Making a difference in the world

What gives us more purpose than helping each other to thrive?

I believe all organisations – of any size – have a responsibility to improve the world we live in.

Seeing the positive impact of mindfulness and its ability to help us focus our thoughts and tune into ourselves is something that gets me out of bed everyday.

I’m passionate about mental health and breaking the stigma and cultural barriers so that people feel empowered to seek help. I will continue to support changemakers particularly those in social change spaces

If you’d like to gift a workshop to the community please get in touch.


All the Elements
“Being a solo founder, there can be a risk that you are pulled in too many different directions and face rising stress levels.

Working with Kareen at Calmify has helped me learn to apply mindfulness practices to stay centred when unexpected challenges are thrown my way. Approaching work with my new mindfulness tools has really made a difference to prioritising what is important for the growth of my non-profit and staying calm under pressure.”

– Soraya Abdel-Hadi, founder

Being in nature is a key part of Kareen’s mindfulness practice. She’s very passionate about diversifying the outdoors and supporting changemakers. Calmify is proud to help provide access to the outdoors in partnership with All the Elements.

Exhale Collective
“Kareen’s approach to the Exhale retreat was refreshing and caring.

She understood that people had different understanding of mindfulness and self-care and was able to adapt to different voices and perspectives.

Participants felt held and safe. The session really brought the group together!”

– Tray Agyeman

Tray designed the Exhale retreat specifically for Black women who work in social justice. Read more here.