8 Principles of Mindfulness

Thank you for being inquisitive enough to find out more about the principles of mindfulness. The following is a list of the 8 key principles of mindfulness, as devised by Jon Kabat-Zinn, an American professor emeritus of medicine who created the Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine.
Each of these principles are explored and practised in the varied mindfulness programmes offered by Calmify.

1. Non-judging

We all have a habit of pre-judging a situation, even if we aren’t aware we are doing it. This is a problem as it tends to lock in standard responses, and in many cases those responses can be quite harmful. A key pillar of successful mindful practice is the ability to withhold this sort of judgement.

During my Calmify sessions, I teach you the techniques you need to be able to recognise and change the patterns of thought and behaviour which lead to pre-judgement, so that you can begin to develop healthier, more open-minded responses to situations.

2. Patience

Another common issue that many of us struggle with is a lack of patience. It takes a lot of kindness and a lot less ego to practice real patience. Being able to remain calm and controlled through a testing experience – that’s a skill, and it’s one that I really enjoy teaching in my mindfulness sessions.

You won’t ever be perfect, but who is? The important thing is you will start to recognise your own impatience. For most of us, recognition is the most important step. Until you recognise it, you can’t  even begin to control it.

3. Beginner’s Mind

As we learn and grow, we get further away from our ‘beginner’s mind’.

We feel like we know it all or at least want to appear that way.

In my sessions I challenge people to start seeing things through a child’s eyes; to go into new experiences without predetermined responses; to taste life for the first time.

4. Trust

Do you trust yourself? In a Calmify session, I encourage the exploration of that trust together. It’s important to explore your feelings and awareness in a new way and this is something I can help you with.

Only you know what it feels like to live in your body but I can help increase your awareness of those feelings.

5. Non-Striving

No pressure here. We put too much pressure on ourselves as it is. My Mindfulness Sessions are about observing yourself, allowing change to happen naturally and enjoying the shift!

In choosing to practice mindfulness, you are giving yourself a regular moment in time to focus solely on you, with no distractions or specific goals other than to open your mind to a clarity of experience.

6. Acceptance

Mindfulness can sometimes bring with it some intense emotions. But that’s ok! If you’re willing to accept and focus on these feelings, it can be a beautiful, cleansing experience. In my Calmify sessions you will learn the techniques for observing and accepting tough situations.

That’s not to say that things won’t still annoy you or stress you out but accepting those emotions and understanding your reaction to them is as good as controlling them.

7. Letting Go

We all hold onto thoughts and feelings we shouldn’t – sometimes even when we know we shouldn’t. Mindfulness gives you the courage to properly confront these feelings, to observe them then let them go.

In my sessions I teach the mental techniques required to be able to sit with your mind and cleanse it of anything you’re holding onto unnecessarily. Like a balloon floating across the sky, you’ll see that it’s there and then let it drift away.

8. Gratitude & Generosity

Studies have shown that people who keep a gratitude journal tend to exercise more, feel more optimistic about their lives and have less negative physical symptoms compared to people that keep a regular journal. But don’t just keep it to yourself! Discussing your gratitude daily is reported to increase enthusiasm, attentiveness, energy, determination and even sleeping habits.

Do you feel that you could benefit from further exploring any of the principles mentioned above? If so, you can book a sessionwith Calmify today.

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